How to Assemble Happy Birthday Balloon

In this video, founder of Illume Partyware – Louise Lazendic shows you step by step on how to assemble your happy birthday script balloons. Its super easy and can be done in under 5 minutes.

1. Line up birth and day balloons flat next to each other un-inflated. Find the flap on letter h of birth balloon.

2. Tear off 3 glue dots from supplied sheet. Remove clear top sheet first, then firmly press down each glue dot onto h flap. When stuck slowly remove white backing.

3. Line up both h and d then press letter d down firmly onto glue dots on h flap to seal together birth and day balloons.

4. Using the straw supplied, slowly insert it into the inflation tab of the balloon.

5. Holding the balloon on either side, gently blow air into straw to inflate until balloon is firm. Remove straw, balloon will self seal. Repeat until all balloons are inflated.

6. I recommend you stick the balloon to the wall with glue dots, as I am about to show you. It is neater and you can hide the inflation tabs and string holes. On the back of happy and birthday balloons evenly place 1 glue dot on each letter by pressing the dot down firmly and removing white backing. Using sticky tape stick down string holes and inflation tabs, so they are not visible. Stick up happy first, then line up h from birthday with p from happy, then stick to wall.

And there you have it, a have a stunning and unique statement piece for your party. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section. We would love to see your balloons in action so don’t forget to tag us in your photo with @illumepartyware.