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TRENDING: How To Double Stuff Your Balloons + Downloadable Colour Chart

TRENDING: How To Double Stuff Your Balloons + Downloadable Colour Chart

Double Stuffing also known as Balloon Layering is combining two balloons together, one coloured balloon inside a different coloured balloon to create custom colours.

This is one designer technique that sets your balloons apart. Double stuffing creates unique colours and brilliant shine making your balloon garland really stand out. Think of it as a painting palette, when you mix two colours together it changes. Playing with colour by double stuffing means you will come up with the perfect tones to blend with your party colour scheme. This may mean a little more time in your planning phase, but well worth the effort. 

How To Double Stuff Your Balloons:

You can use this technique on any latex balloon as long as they are the same size. 

1. Pick out two colour balloons that are the same size. 

2. Take the first balloon and using a drinking straw (or balloon stick) slide the first balloon onto the straw, then slide the 2nd balloon over the top.

3. Inflate the balloon using a balloon pump.

4. To tie off balloon pull out the neck of the inside balloon and tie a knot.

We highly recommend Qualatex balloons as they are 100% latex, 100% sustainable and 100% biodegradable. The balloons are made from rubber tree sap (not plastic) and break down naturally. Having secured a partnership with Qualatex, we are very proud to be able to officially co-brand with this quality balloon supplier to bring you our very own designer colours inside our Balloon Garland DIY Kits and Balloon Bouquets. In the image below you can see how we have used double stuffing to achieve soft pastel tones, these colours could not have been achieved with a single balloon.

Download the Double Stuffing Custom Balloon Colour Chart (see below) which will help you find a colour to match your party colour scheme. Mix and match one balloon inside the other then inflate the balloon to check the colour.

Creating double stuffed balloons allows you to create some truly beautiful colours that will really make your balloon garland stand out and make it the statement piece of your entire party.

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