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How To Create A DIY Balloon Garland

How To Create A DIY Balloon Garland

Stylish DIY Balloon Garland Kit

Balloons have always been an essential party decoration for any occasion, however in recent times balloon garlands and balloon installations have exploded as balloon stylists develop elaborate, sophisticated and luxurious backdrops, arches and features turning the humble balloon into an artform.

You can now develop stylish balloon garlands in your own home utilising our quality DIY balloon garland kits. All the thinking, designing and styling has been done for you making your only tasks; inflate and assemble.

Our Balloon Garland kits have been carefully formulated and rigorously tested to ensure you have absolutely everything you need to simply create a professional 1.8m / 6ft balloon garland. Each kit contains colour coordinated 11” and 5” balloons (53 in total), clear string and a balloon pump. Some balloons come double stuffed (one balloon inside another) which creates our unique colours and a brilliant shine!

In just 45 minutes you will have a stunning balloon garland in one of our designer colour ranges ready to be proudly displayed as a party decoration or feature. Watch our DIY Balloon Garland video tutorial or read the instructions below to see how easy it is.


This exclusive 20 page ebook contains vital information that will help you create a stunning balloon garland that will look like is was made by a professional balloon stylist. Not only will your balloon garland be a stunning party feature, but by following these tips you will save precious time and be able to create a stylish balloon garland in less than 45 minutes!

For a limited time we will email you a FREE copy of our ebook 8 Amazing Things You Need To Know Before Making A Balloon Garland. Click here to download.


Step 1: Inflate balloons with provided balloon pump so they are round in shape rather than oval, you do not need to fully inflate. Leave a long neck at top of balloon for tying together. For double stuffed balloons (one balloon inside another) only tie off the inside balloon.

Step 2: Tie a 5” balloon together with a 11” balloon. Repeat until you have created 13 pairs of 11” & 5”. Tie a 5” balloon together with a 5” balloon. Repeat until you have created 13 pairs of 5”.

Step 3: Assemble pairs using the 4m string provided, leave about 70cm of string on each end for hanging. Secure 1st pair of 5” balloons by wrapping line around middle of the pair and secure with knot. Add a 11” & 5” pair by wrapping around line & sliding up to meet the last balloon pair. Continue to add each pair alternating between 11”pairs & 5” pairs.

Step 4: Hang up the garland, twist & adjust balloons to cover any knots and string.

Congratulations on making your stylish and professional balloon garland! Now enjoy the way it brings your party to life!

TIP: If you are making your balloon garland a day ahead, store your inflated balloons in a sealed bag. Keep them away from heat, sun and high humidity while being stored. This will help prevent them from oxidizing, becoming cloudy and losing their shine.

Illume Partyware loves parties but we also proactively design with the environment in mind.  We use latex balloons that are made from rubber trees located in plantations that are Rainforest Alliance Certified™. The latex breaks down under normal environmental conditions like other natural products and this takes approximately the same time as an oak leaf.

Illume Partyware is also a member of PEBA and as such we continue to educate shoppers:  



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