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Silver & Black Stripes & Dots Luncheon Napkin - Pack of 20

Each pack contains 20 paper napkins made of high quality thick paper.

Colour: Silver & black print with silver foiling.

Size: 16.5cm when folded.

Material: Thick 3ply paper.

If you’re looking to make a bold and impactful statement with your party decorations, look no further than the chic, daring design of the Silver & Black Stripes & Dots Luncheon Napkin. To say that it makes a mark is putting it lightly. Yet, there is plenty of stylish subtlety built right in. We’ve allowed the chosen colours and silvery, shimmering foil to make its own undeniable impression while the black adds simple but striking contrast to the entire design. Then, the details take over the rest and finish up the design with light perforations through the party napkin design and a beautifully structured set of dots on the back of the napkin. Each pack of our Silver & Black Stripes & Dots Luncheon Napkin comes packaged with 20 individual napkins. To make sure our designs work as well as they look, we’ve chosen a sturdy and luxurious 3-ply weave, for maximum spill absorption. Keep the style, clean the mess is our motto. Our six-stripe design features a thick, alternating black and silver stripe design, equally spaced finished in luminous foil. Decorative and decadent, the inherent opulence of these napkins simply cannot be mistaken. They measure a square 16.5cm and are perfect for your next holiday occasion, birthday celebration, engagement events and more!

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