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Rose Gold 18" Foil Heart Balloon

Beautiful rose gold heart shaped foil/mylar balloon.

Colour: Rose gold

Size: 18", 45cm

Material: High quality aluminum foil

Inflation: Air-fill and helium

It’s always a good day to tell someone you love them. Our Rose Gold 18” Foil Heart Balloons help you express yourself authentically. Use them as part of a balloon bouquet or to set the scene at a special occasion like a birthday party, christening, wedding or engagement reception, bridal shower, Valentine’s day party and more. The warm-hued tones of rose gold, finished in shimmering mylar and foil, coupled with its sweet heart shape makes this Rose Gold Foil Heart Balloon a truly memorable decorative element. Crafted of high-quality aluminium foil, the Rose Gold Foil Heart Balloon can either be filled with air or helium. Carefully lay the pink heart foil balloons flat on a smooth surface to prevent any rips or tearing. Fill the balloon with air or helium. Once filled to capacity, the foil balloons are self-sealing and are durable enough to be reused, year after year, as long as you fold and store them well. These heart shaped foil balloons will deflate over time, on their own. They can be hung by string or allowed to float freely through the room. They provide the perfect party backdrop for a photo-opp and pair very well with Illume Partyware’s signature rose gold partyware collection.

For a video tutorial on how to re-use foil balloons visit our blog.

Wholesale pricing available, visit our wholesale page for more information.

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