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Iridescent Foil Cupcake Wrapper - Pack of 12

Each pack contains 12 cupcake wrappers made of high quality thick stock.

Colour: Iridescent foil paper.

Size: Approx. 5cm high & 8.5cm wide when assembled.

Material: Paper cardstock safe to use with food. Do not bake these cupcake wrappers.

Cupcake wrappers are super popular, whether you are a home baker or professional baker they are such a simple way of styling up your humble cupcake. Cupcake wrappers are not a baking cup, paper liner or cupcake case and they do not go in the oven. They are made of high quality foil cardboard and go around the outside of your baked cupcake to cover the liner. By using a quality cupcake wrapper you don’t have to worry about the mixture spilling on the sides, oil stains, icing marks or uneven cupcakes as the wrappers cover up any imperfections, so your cupcakes look amazing!

Our cupcake wrappers are designed to fit into most standard size cupcakes, whether they are from the bakery or your kitchen. When assembled they measure 5cm high and 8.5cm wide and are designed to fit around cupcake liners with a 5cm base. Once you have allowed your cupcakes to completely cool. Take your quality cupcake wrappers and assemble them by inserting the tab into the slot. Place your cupcake, complete with baking liner into the assembled wrapper. Decorate your cupcakes with icing and an Illume Partyware cupcake topper.

Perfect for a birthday party, baby shower, christening, engagement, wedding or any fancy festivity. Match them with our iridescentpaper plates, cups and napkins.

For a video tutorial on how to use our cupcake wrappers click here

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