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Enjoy Rose Gold Cupcake Topper - 12 Pce

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Each pack contains 12 reversible cupcake toppers made of high quality stock.

Colour: White with rose gold foiling

We all know what to do with cupcakes when we first set our eyes on them. No one needs to be told — we eat! But, before we take that scrumptious and sweet first bite, the “Enjoy” Rose Gold Cupcake Topper allows every host to bid their guests: “enjoy!” Serve your guests with fanciful treats that look almost too good to eat by finishing off your cupcakes with these fun little novelty toppers. Perfect for any special event, as casual as a summer garden party to a more festive, gala event like an engagement party, wedding reception, christening or birthday party, these cupcake toppers in rose gold are sure to please.

They go perfectly with the Rose Gold Cupcake Wrapper range, which are designed to both protect your frosting and cupcake and enhance the look and feel. Each pack of 12 “Enjoy” Rose Gold Cupcake Toppers are reversible, featuring a simple and symmetrical dot patterning on the “back”, with a similar design on the front. Splashed across the front are the words, “Enjoy”, specially stamped on in a painterly, handwritten script that is both playful and elegant all at once. As with all Illume Partyware party supplies, we use the highest quality paper cardstock fashioned in a flag shape and finished with a reusable toothpick for insert. This product is safe to use with food and easy to wipe down to store for your next festive occasion. Enjoy!

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