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Fairy Garden Party

Fairy Garden Party


Leave it to Mel from Sweet Dreams and Goodnight to set up a fairy garden-themed birthday party any little girl would dream of; she pulled out all the stops! Want a few hints on how you can recreate this magical world for your child's next birthday celebration? With a lush, spring-inspired palette and a spectacular array of Illume Partyware, you too can create an enchanted wonderland for your guests.

Of course, there is no wrong way to depict Fairyland. After all, there are so many different types of fairies in myth and folklore. In this post we’ll look at key features of this wondrous fairy garden party in an effort to inspire you to create your own Fairyland. You'll find that with the vast selection of decorations - and everything else you need to throw the perfect party - you can bring any conception of Fairyland to life, whether it's an icy, arctic aesthetic, a butterfly haven, or a breathtaking floral paradise. Set the tone and build excitement for the party with fairy garden invitations; Elk Prints did an incredibly detailed custom invitation for this party sprinkled with butterflies. If you are encouraging your guests to dress up as fairies, invitations are the best way of relaying this message as well.


Everybody loves balloons, and for this party, Mel has placed clusters of pearly white and peach balloons fromFavor Lane, which evoke the airiness of clouds and fairy wings. This is a world where every fairy is a princess - just like your guests. The addition of butterflies dancing throughout the balloons turned what was an already amazing backdrop into a natural extension of the garden theme.

The dessert table was framed by jumbo pink paper garlands that cascaded from the ceiling mimicking a wall of flowers which integrated beautifully into the balloons to create a natural flow of the enchanted garden. For this birthday party, the floor was covered with striking rich green synthetic turf which not only accentuates the daintiness of the whites and pinks, but also simulates the grass you might walk on as you explore the details of a magical garden.

An additional decoration may be a little fairy dust for your guests in the form of paper confetti. Encourage them to lightly pick up a handful, make a wish, and scatter them in the air -- and listen to joyous peals of laughter as they flutter to the ground. This party had a face painter from Glass Slipper Entertainment to add an activity to the day. Alternatively you could apply some sparkle tattoos - hearts, stars, and butterflies - and every single guest will feel magical.


The central table was its own little fairy microcosm! Illume Partyware was honoured to have ourrose gold floral tableware; dessert plates, cups, and napkins showcased at this birthday party. If you don’t want to use china plates at your party, you could mix the florals with our elegant rose gold or rose gold dotted large paper plates. In addition, our rose gold striped straws would complement this setting perfectly. Whether you want to focus on the "garden" aspect or the "fairy" aspect, Illume Partyware's alluring colour options are effortless to coordinate.

The floral arrangements on a raw wooden table, loaded with greenery certainly made this table feel like you were sitting in the garden amongst the flowers enjoying a decadent assortment of sweets with friends.  Surrounded by beautiful blooms the fantasy nearly seems real with so much natural beauty!


What's a birthday without birthday cake? A fairy garden theme offers many design possibilities, but ideally it should balance with your chosen decor. At this party, a pristine white cake with clean lines makes the perfect foundation upon which to continue with the fantastic florals. There is no better way to express well wishes and complement finely worked flowers than with an elegant cake topper. While this party highlights the birthday girl, you may just want a "Happy Birthday" or "Celebrate" message to make it feel even more inclusive and friendly.

Each guest’s table setting featured a mini cake matching the elegance and exquisite detail of the birthday cake (by My Petite Sweets).  While incredibly beautiful this display of sweets may be stretching your budget and you might opt for a professional cake with a few DIY home sweets. A great alternative that could play along with the fairy theme could be an assortment of cupcakes. Fairies are dainty and small and you can style up a cupcake quickly with cupcake wrappers and icing to match your colour palette. For a more personal feel, label them with your guests' names or use cupcake toppers and tell your guests that they are special messages from the other fairies.


Fairies are delightful and generous, and love to make everyone feel special. Show your appreciation to your guests by handing out party favour/lolly bags so that they can take a piece of Fairyland away with them. Sweet Dreams and Goodnight included a night stand of treats for their special guests which included; chocolates, birdcage with treats, and personalized lollipops.

If you aren’t having a slumber party and still want to hand your guests a party favour/lolly bag you could include fairy wands, lip gloss, fairy books, lollies or even ornamental tattoos. Our rose gold party bags pairs perfectly with a floral focused theme. You could also have your child write a note for each guest -- as if the fairies are writing special "thank you" notes. 


We hope you have a magical day and have been inspired by this fairy garden theme.





CREDITS: STYLING + COORDINATION Sweet Dreams and Goodnight / ASSISTANT BALLOON STYLING Stylish Soirees / PHOTOGRAPHER Lana Pratt Photography / INVITATIONS Elk Prints / FLORIST The Bohemian Flower Collective / ENTERTAINMENT Glass Slipper Entertainment / DOUGHNUT WALL + ACRYLIC CAKE TOPPER xoxo Design / GIANT PAPER FLOWERS + POTS Stylish Paper / LOLLIPOPS Petal & Pop / ECLAIRS, PUFFS + CONES Sugar and Salt Cookies / CHOCOLATES + BIRDCAGES Cherished Bonbonniere & Decorated Chocolates / CAKE + DESSERTS My Petite Sweets / BALLOONS Favor Lane / TUTU DU MONDE DRESSES Wishful Playground / PARTYWARE Illume Partyware/ BUTTERFLY WINGS + WANDS Arabelle’s Vintage Wardrobe / ACRYLIC SIGN Etched / MODELS Milly, Ella, Charlotte + Emily

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