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10 Instagram Mistakes You Need To Avoid

10 Instagram Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Instagram is a very powerful tool that can help you grow your online presence, visual sharing is so important in the party industry and fans love to see what's going on. Instagram allows you to connect with your fans person to person and has become one of the most popular social media platforms today, it has 1 billion monthly active users and is the most engaged network after Facebook.

Here is 10 of the most common mistakes business owners make on Instagram:

1. Don't be Boring

Tell your story and show people why your business is different. Think of creative ways to showcase your product or service and include behind the scenes photos. Engage with your fans by asking them a question. If you sell a product encourage your followers to post photos of them using your products. Post a balance of images which include lifestyle, product, real events and relevant content.

2. Don't Post Boring Product Shots

Images of just product with a white background are not very interesting to look at, make sure you are posting images that are interesting.

3. Don't Post Poor Quality Photos

The quality of your images says a lot about your business. Check your photos are of high quality, not low res and fuzzy, this looks very unprofessional.

4. Don't Forget to Interact with Others

Engage with your fans by commenting and liking their feed, just posting images is not enought to grow a following. When you regularly like and post genuine comments your fans they feel personally connected to your business. 

5. Don't Post too Often

Most Instagram users dont want to be flooded with content from one person, so don't flood your fans feed. Stick to one post per day, or one post every other day this will lead to a much better result. Spreading out your posts gives time to get more engagement, when you post 2 images close together the first image stops gettting engagement. 

6. Don't Post Enough

Make sure your posting at least 1 photo a day or every other day. If you are not posting enough your followers will forget about you.

7. Don't Oversell

Posting loads of pictures of your products gets boring. Sales come with good content.

8. Not Having a Link to Your Website in their Profile

Make sure its easy for followers to find you by including a link to your website in your profile.

9. Not Using Hashtags

Don't forget to add hashtags to your post, Instagram posts with at least one hashtag get a lot more likes than those without.

10. Don't Use Too Many Hashtags

Make sure to use hashtags that are relevant to your business.

Instagram is all about telling your story in a visual way, so get creative. We look forward to seeing your story on Instagram and connecting with you.    

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